Green Tech Egypt


In 2017, Green Tech Egypt LLC (GTE) was founded with a deep commitment to Egypt and its ecological well-being. Our mission revolves around advancing Egypt’s environmental and energy sectors by implementing renewable, sustainable, and cutting-edge solutions. By embracing the latest European technology and adhering to European Environmental Standards, we ensure our endeavours are at the forefront of environmental innovation.

At present, our primary focus lies in spearheading Egypt’s inaugural Waste-to-Energy (WTE) plant. This groundbreaking initiative addresses the dual challenges of escalating energy demands and mounting waste levels. Simultaneously, we actively engage in waste sorting/processing, sustainable energy, aquaculture development, and construction residue management projects. These diverse endeavours demonstrate our commitment to comprehensively tackling various environmental concerns.

Above all, we prioritise providing optimal solutions to environmental challenges while safeguarding Egypt’s rich historical heritage and natural splendour.