Renergy consortium partners at the ‘Egypt Can with Industry’ conference

On the second day of the ‘Egypt Can with Industry’ conference, Renergy was represented by Mr Talal Ali Al Zain and Mr Gareth Brown from OAK Investments Bahrain, Mr Valk, Mr Eslam Ramadam, Ms de Graaf from Green Tech Egypt, and General Mr Mounir Helal, Dr Mahmout Arafat of the Ministry of Military Production (MOMP). The Renergy partners discuss closely with Dr Mahmout Arafat, the personal adviser of His Excellency Minister General Morsi, and Dr Moutaz, Dr Kareem from Chemonics Egypt, our esteemed local consultancy partner, the future of Green Industries in Egypt and Waste-to-Energy in particular. 

Mr Valk had the honour to present a second session of the first Waste-to-Energy project at Giza, Abou Rawash, Egypt during the ‘Green Industry: Road to COP 27’ session to His Excellency Madam Nabila Makram, Minister of Immigration and Egyptian Expatriates Affairs, and a delegation of industry leaders. Moreover, his Excellency Minister Engineer Mohamed Ahmed Morsi, Minister of Military Production, announced that the building of the plant will start in the coming month, July 2022. Read further what Mr Morsi said during the ‘Egypt Can with Industry’ conference by the following link:

Waste-to-Energy is a renewable energy source and is widely adopted across the world. In line with the Egypt Vision 2030 and COP 27, there is an urge to accelerate the energy transition and sustainable solid waste management development; Renergy Group Partners will establish the new Waste-to-Energy industry in Egypt in a PPP with the Ministry of MOMP. 

This Waste-to-Energy project has numerous positive impacts: elimination of landfills with the devastating long term effects for the next generations, prevention of the emission of very harmful CH4 (Methane) by landfilling, preserving the desert and sea shore ecosystems, foreign investment, knowledge transfer, local production, high skilled jobs and converting the waste problem into and sustainable energy solution.

Renergy and the consortium partners developed a unique business model to meet the unbeatable level of efficiency needed to make the project sustainable for the coming 25 years, only running on the tariff of 1.4EGP/Kwh, without a gate fee. This will be the first project in the world running at this low tariff, with a high level of efficiency. The government will soon make money on waste management by this model, saving money on landfilling, saving future costs of cleaning and making money on the electricity tariff.

New developments, and spinoffs, are already developed in Egypt by this new project. Green Tech Egypt is building a patent-pending Flue Gas treatment system to meet the most strict BAT 2019 European Emission regulations, key for future development and meeting the COP 27 goals. The system will be 100% developed and built in Egypt.

With this new technology, the next step will be to easily capture the CO2 to use in agriculture or growing food by vertical farming or algae farming, an important step for food security in Egypt.



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