Our marine life centre, situated along the Port Ghalib coastline, offers a unique blend of facilities, including a wet lab, museum, and sustainable breeding house. Our primary mission is education, breeding, and restoring the Tridacna Maxima population in the Red Sea. Heading our breeding efforts is Dr. Mahmoud Hanafy, a renowned Marine Biologist, a distinguished HEPCA board member, and a Suez Canal University Professor.

In 2021, we invested in significant renovations at our breeding site, including installing ten new fibreglass tanks, updated pumps and blowers, and adding a pergola and tank reservoir. These enhancements have effectively tripled our wet lab’s capacity, bolstering our ability to conduct vital research and conservation work under natural circumstances. We invite you to explore our centre and join us in our commitment to marine life education and preserving the Tridacna Maxima population in the Red Sea!

About the site:

  • Different experiments are carried out at the wet lab to discover more and more about marine life and specific species such as Surgeonfish, clamshells and Sea cucumbers.
  • The Red Sea Wonders Museum is a true gem! The museum aims to introduce the ecosystem and biodiversity of the red sea and the culture of the Bedouin community by using interactive technology, which makes it fun for everyone.
  • The breeding house is focused on the reproduction of Tridacna Maxima. With the experience and knowledge of Dr Mahmoud Hanafy, the process has improved, and a more optimal situation is created.
  • 2016HEPCA established the marine life research and breeding centre on the Port Ghalib coastline.
  • 2018HEPCA achieved the first international export of the clam genus Tridacna.
  • 2021Green Tech Egypt obtained the operating license for the breeding centre from HEPCA. Subsequently, substantial investments were made to renovate and expand the facilities, tripling the wet lab capacity.
  • 2021Green Tech Egypt accomplished its first international export of Tridacna Maxima.
  • 2023Green Tech Egypt began breeding various species within the Tridacna clam genus to market and is expanding research on other marine life species.

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