Green hydrogen is being hailed as the fuel of the future, and it’s exciting to see GTE working on the first green hydrogen plant in Egypt, located along the Red Sea coast. What’s even more impressive is that the plant will run on 100% solar energy, using smart and innovative energy storage technology to ensure a 24-hour production cycle. With a capacity of 350 tons per year, this plant has the potential to impact the environment significantly. Hydrogen is a clean fuel that only produces water when consumed in a fuel cell, making it a great solution to the challenge of climate change. Egypt is fortunate to enjoy an abundance of solar radiation, with average daily sunshine totalling about 9 to 11 hours per day. Moreover, solar direct radiation intensity of about 2 000–3 200 kilowatt hours per square meter (kWh/m²) per year can be used to generate power. This means enough sunlight reaches the earth in just one hour to power the world for a year.