The basis of most real-estate projects is concrete. Not all concrete delivered by a truck can be utilised in one day. Therefore, residue concrete is dumped in the desert. To preserve the desert and concrete to be wasted, it can be mould into lego blocks. Lego blocks that were initially only made for heavy-weight walls have become real design elements. Using structured matrices and ready-made lifting technology, they offer many possibilities around the house, courtyard and garden – starting with pure retaining walls and raised beds to garden furniture.

To move the blocks easily and securely in place, ball head anchors made of galvanised steel are concreted with universal head coupling and a chain sling. If you want to carry out this work yourself, you can borrow these couplings from us or purchase them if you use them more often. The lego blocks are reusable and renewable.

Ideal for any practical areas:

  • Storage bays
  • Partition walls
  • Security blocks
  • Retaining walls
  • Flood
  • Fences
  • Recycling bays
  • Require no groundwork or fixing
  • It can be lifted into place using basic equipment
  • Suitable for permanent or temporary installation
  • Can easily be moved when needs change
  • Require little or no maintenance
  • No additional security required
  • Larger stability