Waste Management System

Our energy requirements are constantly increasing.

We have more than we want rubbish. We produce more rubbish than we like, both in industrialized and developing countries. It is by no means the ultimate solution to our garbage problem, but at least it is an approach to at least be able to benefit from it:

We are talking about the concept of waste to energy or “energy generation from waste”.

Solar Energy

Use solar system for cheap electricity generation

As is generally known, solar systems produce solar energy by means of integrated photovoltaic modules that capture the sunlight and convert it into electrical energy. The solar modules can be attached to almost any roof surface.

With a PV system of this size, i.e. 1 kilowatt peak, you generate between 950 and 1260 kilowatt hours of electricity per year .

Concrete Lego Blocks

The Lego Blocks system and molds system are inspired by the Lego® system, in fact the concrete blocks have pegs in the upper part and corresponding grooves in the lower one which allow a stable and safe attachment .

The development of this new business branch stems from a greater demand for innovative materials and products to be used in civil and hydraulic engineering works, increasing the eco-compatibility of the work itself.

Import and Export

We ensure that the quality of the products provided not only healthy but also fresh. Our customers have ensured the loyalty to the products due to the priority given to the quality. Beside it’s very cost-effective and affordable.

Our teams of professionals are well qualified and trained in dealing importing and exporting.

The packaging of different products is done with the latest technology. This ensures the required products are safe and healthy when being transferred from one place to another.