The Minister for Military Production, Eng Mohamed Salah, Reviews Waste-to-Energy Project Progress with Renergy Group Partners

Engineer Mohamed Salah, the Minister for Military Production, met with “Renergy Group Partners” to discuss the latest developments in implementing Egypt’s first power plant generating electricity from waste. The meeting, hosted at the Ministry of Military Production headquarters in the New Administrative Capital, included Mr Robert Valk, CEO of Renergy Group Partners and Green Tech Egypt, and Mr Eslam Ramadan, Company Manager of Renergy Group Partners & Green Tech Egypt, who discussed the progress of the waste treatment project.

Minister Mohamed Salah welcomed the Renergy Group Partners delegation, emphasising Egypt’s interest in creating a supportive environment for environmental investment. He highlighted the state’s commitment to tackling climate change and involving the private sector in projects that promote environmental sustainability. The collaboration between Military Production, Green Tech Egypt, and OAK Holding in the Renergy Group Partners alliance was emphasised.

In cooperation with Green Tech and OAK, the minister mentioned that the Ministry of Military Production has initiated the executive steps to establish a waste treatment station in Abu Rawash, Giza Governorate. The project aims to convert solid municipal waste into electrical energy, with a capacity of 30 megawatts per hour, processing 1200 tons of waste per day. The minister stressed the ministry’s participation in various national projects to support comprehensive and sustainable development, utilising the surplus production capacity of its diverse companies.

Mr Robert Valk, CEO of Renergy Group Partners and Green Tech Egypt, outlined the executive status of the waste-to-energy project in Abu Rawash. He commended the continuous coordination among relevant entities involved in the project, anticipating its significant positive impact on Egypt’s environment and national economy. Mr Valk expressed appreciation for Egypt’s efforts to expand clean and renewable energy projects, integrating the private sector to enhance waste management.

The media advisor to the Minister for Military Production and the official spokesperson for the ministry, Mr Mohamed Eid Bakr, mentioned that this meeting is part of a series aimed at monitoring the progress of the solid municipal waste-to-electricity project in Abu Rawash.

Representatives from the Ministry of Military Production attending the meeting included Engineer Emile Helmy Elias, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the National Authority for Military Production and Executive Director, Engineer Mohamed Sherin Mohamed, Supervisor of the Minister’s Office Central Administration, Engineer Mohamed Abu El Naga, Advisor to the Deputy Minister, and Engineer Mounir Helal, Head of the Technical Follow-up Sector.

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