The Minister of Environment, Dr Yasmin Fouad, Monitors Progress on Egypt’s First Waste-to-Energy Power Plant in Abu Rawash, Giza

Dr Yasmin Fouad, the Minister of Environment, held a meeting with Mr Robert Valk, Founder and CEO of “Renergy Group Partners & Green Tech Egypt,” to discuss the latest developments in implementing the solid municipal waste conversion to electrical energy station in Abu Rawash. This project, the first of its kind in Egypt, is crucial in paving the way for similar endeavors in various provinces. The meeting, attended by Dr Tarek El-Araby, the CEO of the Waste Management Regulatory Authority, focused on the project’s progress, procedural, logistical, and investment challenges, and proposed solutions. The total investment cost for the project is approximately $120 million, with a capacity of processing 1200 tons per day, generating 30 megawatts per hour. The project is executed under the contract signed between the alliance (National Organization for Military Production and Renergy Group Partners) and the Giza Governorate, with the collaboration of several ministries.

Dr Yasmin Fouad emphasized that this project marks the beginning of a series of waste-to-energy projects. The Ministry of Environment, in collaboration with partner ministries and entities, supported by the Cabinet, is working to provide equal opportunities for participation, encouraging investment in this field for its environmental and economic benefits to the Egyptian state. The project represents a significant step in Egypt’s localization of waste-to-energy technology and strengthens the partnership with the private sector.

Furthermore, Dr Yasmin Fouad highlighted that the project will maximize the utilization of waste by reducing the quantity destined for final disposal, mitigating emissions from the waste sector as a contributor to climate change. The project brings both social and economic benefits by providing a new energy source. It represents an inspiring initiative in preparing the supportive climate for waste-to-energy projects in Egypt through partnerships with the private sector.

Mr Robert Valk, Founder and CEO of “Renergy Group Partners & Green Tech Egypt,” presented the efforts made in the past period to progress the project, including completing the environmental impact assessment, finalizing the project design, and coordinating with various partner entities to complete necessary procedures. He discussed the challenges faced during implementation and proposed solutions, commending the efforts of ministries and partner entities in project preparation.

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