The Minister of Environment, Electricity, Finance, Local Development and Military Production, together with Renergy Group Partners, signed the contracts for the first MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) Waste-to-Energy power plant in Egypt, located in Abu Rawash, Giza.

Implementing the Prime Minister’s duties to lay the first brick for implementing projects to convert waste to electricity. The Minister of Environment, Dr Yasmine Fouad, said: ‘The project is the result of a long journey of partnerships and decisions that support investment in converting waste into electricity in collaboration with the private sector with a total investment of 120 million USD’. Whereas General Mohamed Salah, Minister of Military Production, noted ‘all stakeholders are keen to proceed quickly with the implementation of this important project that will contribute to improving the environmental, health and living conditions of citizens’.

The project is part of Egypt Vision 2030. The power plant will process 1200 tons/ day of household waste to generate 30 MW of electricity and is designed under the concept Design, Build, Own and Operate (DBOO) to ease the government financially. The plant will operate for 25 years, and then the ownership will be handed over to Giza Governorate.
The Giza Governor, Ahmed Rashed Mustafa Atifi, mentioned that this project grants leadership to Giza Governorate in maximising the use of waste and reducing its accumulation.

The project was developed under the supervision of the Ministry of Environment in cooperation with the other ministries. The consortium Renergy Group Partners LLC consists of a highly experienced alliance of the National Organization for Military Production (MOMP), Green Tech Egypt, and OAK Holding.

Mr Robert Valk, CEO of Renergy Group Partners, pointed out the economic and environmental benefits of the project, starting from 120 million USD in foreign investments carried out in the Abu Rawash industrial zone. Approximately 40% of the contracting work will be implemented by Egyptian companies, contributing to the localisation of a new industry in Egypt. Part of the equipment will be built in the Ministry of Military Production factories. Also, the power plant will accommodate Egyptian University students to do scientific research on converting waste into electricity. Moreover, the project will contribute to a cleaner environment for us and our future generations.

Below is the board of Directors of Renergy Group Partners; Mr Gareth Brown, Mr Talal Ali Al Zain, Mr Robert Valk and Mr Eslam Ramadan.

The following video is the animation of the WTE Abu Rawash power plant.

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