The Ministers of Military Production and Environment discuss the developments of the waste-to-energy plant project in Abu Rawash.

Eng. Mohamed Salah El-Din Mustafa, Minister of State for Military Production, welcomed Dr Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment, at the headquarters of the General Office of the Ministry of Military Production to discuss the project of converting waste into electric energy in Abu Rawash, as well as several matters of joint cooperation between the two sides. 

Minister Eng. Mohamed Salah indicated that this meeting comes in light of the implementation of the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, and the continuous follow-up of the Prime Minister with the ministries concerned with the file of the new solid waste system. In this regard, the Minister of State for Military Production explained that the waste-to-energy project and moving to clean energy is one of the measures that contribute to preserving the environment and adapting to climate changes, in addition to the health benefits it brings to citizens, as well as its economic benefits to the state.

Minister Eng. Mohamed Salah explained that this important project is taking place within the framework of the protocol signed between the Ministries of Military Production, Local Development, and Environment, and the Giza Governorate for cooperation and coordination regarding the allocation of a plot of land in the Abu Rawash area in the Giza Governorate for the benefit of the project, which aims to convert waste into energy with a capacity of 1.200 tons/day to produce electricity estimated at 30 megawatts/hour, indicating that all parties are currently seeking to activate cooperation and implement this project as soon as possible. Renergy Group Partners will design, build, own and operate the project. The National Organization of Military Product (Ministry of Military Production) is part of the Renegy Group Partners LLC coalition with Green Tech Egypt and other partners.

Dr Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment, appreciated the fruitful and serious cooperation between the two ministries in many joint files, emphasizing the importance of integration between institutions of different government bodies, as all are partners in one team that seeks to achieve comprehensive development. The Minister of the Environment reviewed the work done in numerous joint work files between the two ministries, including the supply of stations and monitoring devices for the national network for monitoring air pollutants of the ministry, explaining the steps which were taken in this regard by the Ministry of Military Production. Noting that the Ministry of Environment’s plan is intended to increase the number of these stations annually, explaining the importance of these stations, monitoring air quality and predicting pollutants, to improve air quality, environmental and health status by providing correct monitoring data for decision makers to take action necessary.

The Minister of Environment also reviewed with the Minister of Military Production some files, including the media advisor to the Minister of State for Military Production and the official spokesperson for the ministry, Mr Mohamed Eid Bakr, stated that this meeting comes within the framework of the work strategy of the Ministry of Military Production, which is cooperation with all institutions in the country to implement national projects whose main objective is to meet the needs of citizens, and Bakr indicated that it was agreed upon at the end of the meeting to form a working group from both sides to follow up on developments of joint cooperation. The meeting was attended by Eng. Emel Helmy Elias Awad, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Authority for Military Production and Managing Director, Eng. Mohamed Sherine Shehata, Supervisor of the Central Administration of the Minister’s Office, Eng. Rafik Rizk, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Armored Vehicles Production and Repair Factory, and Eng. Mounir Helal, Head of the Technical Follow-up Sector of the Authority.

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