Green Tech Egypt and Renergy Group Partners participating at the Climate Summit COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Green Tech Egypt and Renergy Group Partners are attending the two-week Climate Summit COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh. In the Green Zone at our booth, we showcase the first waste-to-energy plant in Abu Rawash, Giza Governorate, Egypt. A consortium with esteemed partners develops the project; Green Tech Egypt, the Ministry of Military Production (MOMP) in Egypt and OAK Holding from Bahrain. We advocate for speeding up the energy transition and improving the waste management sector. 

In addition to the MSW to energy processing solutions, we presented the HTP (High-Temperature Pyrolysis). This technology is the best way to process RDF, medical waste, agricultural waste, sewerage waste, industrial waste and tires to clean energy solutions. The high temperature allows a more thorough chemical breakdown of the feed reducing tars and improving yield and emissions.

Besides the WTE plant and the HTP technology, we also presented the project development of a 20GW green hydrogen plant in Egypt. Green Tech Egypt has been working on this multi-billion USD project for four years to accelerate the energy transition by building a large-scale green hydrogen plant. 

We shared our booth with the STCE (Science and Technology Center of Excellence), the main research centre for the Ministry of Military Production. STCE is showcasing an innovative AWG (atmospheric water generator) of Mizuha, which originated from Japan. The machine condensates moisture from the air to obtain water. STCE and the MOMP signed an agreement with Mizuha to produce the devices in Egypt.

Our visitors inspire us and are committed and knowledgeable frontrunners of climate adaptation and mitigation from around the world: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Germany, Guatemala, India, Iraq, Japan, Nigeria, UAE, UK, USA, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa. It is great that all industries and sectors connect to combat the climate crisis.











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