Ministry of Military Production signs a cooperation protocol with “Green Tech Egypt” and “Oak”

To establish a shareholding company to build waste-to-energy plants in Egypt.

Engineer Mohamed Ahmed Morsi – Minister of State for Military Production, witnessed the signing of a cooperation protocol between the National Authority for Military Production, “Green Tech Egypt” and “Oak Holding” Company, to establish a joint-stock company to build and operate waste to energy plants in Egypt.

Minister Morsi explained that this protocol comes as a continuation of the existing cooperation with Green Tech Egypt within the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the two sides on July 17, 2020, intending to establish waste to energy plants consisting of municipal solid waste, To convert waste into a source for generating electrical energy.

The Minister of State for Military Production confirmed that this protocol greatly contributes to finding sustainable and immediate solutions in waste treatment through the company as a means of developing the method of treating municipal solid waste and pollution in Egypt, which comes within the framework of the Ministry of Military Production’s endeavour to employ all the industrial, technological and human capabilities available to it. To participate in implementing the municipal and solid waste management system in an optimal manner that achieves maximum benefit from the amount of waste generated daily and transforms the waste in Egypt into smart energy solutions.

Engineer Robert Valk – CEO of the Green Tech Egypt Group, said that the step of establishing a joint-stock company in cooperation with Military Production comes within the framework of productive collaboration between us to establish waste to energy plants from solid waste, emphasising that the goal is to develop and operate plants in the Arab Republic of Egypt that will treat municipal solid waste in addition to other primary waste and convert it into electrical energy, which will increase the added value of the waste.

Mr Gareth R. Brown – CEO of the Oak Holding Group, said that his company will finance the plants’ establishment to be established and import equipment, machinery and production lines following international specifications that keep pace with technological development in cooperation with “Green Tech Egypt”. He added that this company would achieve a significant economic return for the state and attain sustainable development goals by contributing to electric generation through municipal solid waste by modern technological methods.

The media advisor and the official spokesperson for the Ministry of Military Production / Mohamed Eid Bakr explained that this protocol is part of the ministry’s objectives to achieve maximum performance commensurate with its role and objectives within the projects of converting waste into energy in the new waste system in cooperation with the ministries and parties concerned with this project.