Site inspection by the Minister of Environment, Dr Yasmin Fouad, the Minister of Military Production, General Mohamed Salah, Giza Governor, General Ahmed Rashed, and the head of WMRA, Dr Tarek El-Araby

Renergy Group Partners hosted a highly important site inspection of its inaugural Waste-to-Energy power plant site following the observance of ‘World Environment Day.’ The event garnered attention from esteemed guests, including Dr Yasmin Fouad, the Minister of Environment; General Mohamed Salah, the Minister of Military Production; General Ahmed Rashed, the Governor of Giza; and Dr Tarek El-Araby, the head of WMRA (Waste Management Regulatory Authority).

The Concession Agreement, signed in April, marked a momentous collaboration between the National Authority for Military Production, Renergy Group Partners, Giza Governorate, and five ministries: Environment, Finance, Electricity, Local Development, and Military Production. This agreement was the outcome of an inclusive consultative process that involved the participation of the Council of State.

During the inspection, Minister Dr Yasmin Fouad expressed her gratitude to all participants for joining this auspicious occasion. The project boasts an investment cost of approximately $120 million, with a waste processing capacity of 1200 tons per day. The plant’s annual operating costs are estimated to be around $5.5 million, while it is expected to generate 30 MW per hour. The construction of the power plant is projected to take 24 months. Dr Yasmin Fouad emphasised that this week marks the celebration of ‘Environmental Investment Week,’ under the patronage of His Excellency the President of the Republic, in alignment with the National Strategy of Waste Management and Management Organization Law Waste No. 202 for 2020, and its executive decree. The preparations for this project commenced following the issuance of Cabinet Resolution No. 41 for 2019 on the tariff. It is a remarkable example of the Ministry’s commitment to promoting environmental investment by involving the community and engaging various stakeholders from all across Egypt.

Minister Mohamed Salah underscored that establishing the Abu Rawash Power Station results from joint efforts between Egypt’s public and private sectors. He expressed optimism regarding the project’s future, anticipating the creation of new job opportunities, achieving energy self-sufficiency, and adopting a modern and environmentally friendly waste treatment approach.

Governor Ahmed Rashed reaffirmed the Egyptian state’s commitment, under the leadership of President Abdul Fattah El-Sisi, to enhance the environment and realise the objectives outlined in Egypt’s Vision 2030. He expressed gratitude for the collaboration between the Giza Governorate and the Ministries of Environment, Military Production, and Local Development in initiating and expediting the project, with the ultimate goal of benefiting residents and improving their quality of life.

Robert Valk, the CEO of Renergy Group Partners, commended the ministries and partner organisations’ efforts in the project’s preparation. Mr Valk emphasised the successful coordination and partnership that facilitated the implementation of this groundbreaking initiative. He expressed his expectation of continued collaboration in the future to replicate this experience in other locations across Egypt, aligning with the priorities of the Egyptian state and leveraging the knowledge gained during the project’s preparation phase.

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